The Twins

The family history is that Mary and John C. Reese had twins sons named David and Henry, who later moved to Ohio. The story (as related by Theodore Adams, a grandson of Abel and Catherine Reese) goes that the twins in later years paid their Pennsylvania relatives a visit. The twins, having settled in Warren County, Ohio, lived just north of Cincinnati – which by then in the mid-1800s had the largest meatpacking industry in the world (pigs were first commercially slaughtered in Cincinnati). So their boast that they threw hogs heads in the river bigger than their brother Abel's hogs has a definite ring of truth.

The twins history in southwestern Ohio can still be seen. You can read about the house Henry Reese and William Walton built in 1838 at 89 W. Franklin St., Centerville, Ohio.

Walton House

Photo credit to the Centerville-Washington Township Historical Society
The house was built with "Dayton Marble," which was really Ordovician limestone from the Montgomery County, Ohio area. The limestone is locally famous for being a great building stone. It is bluish gray but weathers to a white color.

This house still stands and is now a museum run by the Centerville-Washington Township Historical Society. It is listed as the Henry Reese-William Walton House at 89 W. Franklin St. in Centerville.

The twins both died in October 1873, twelve days apart, and are buried in the Springboro Cemetery of Clearcreek Township, Warren COunty, Ohio. There names are listed on the Warren County Genealogical Society web site for the cemetery. Photos of their headstones also may be seen at this web site.

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